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Critical Defense Training for Civilians 

Protect Yourself Against Active Shooters, Home Invasions & Terrorism 

Three Hour Introductory Class 

Sunday December 17

10am to 1pm

  • Terrorism & Active Shooter Defense 

  • Home Invasion Defense

  • Counter Kidnapping Techniques

  • Multiple Attacker Defense

  • Escaping Techniques (from binding and kidnapping)

Key Topics Covered in This Class

Other Critical Defense & Active Shooter Programs

Critical Defense (Short Courses & 

Critical Defense Class

CRI Also Offers Exclusive Private Training Courses

Ensure your family's safety with our tailored

defense training delivered in your own home

At-Home Training

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

At-Home Training for All Family Members

Packages available for small and large homes and families.  Please call or email for details.

Training & Mock Attacks

This training is conducted in a 50/50 manner.

Phase 1 (includes the At-Home Training in the box above)

Phase 2 Our team will perform mock attacks in which you and your family will be tested under realistic, but safe, attack scenarios such as home invasion, carjacking, armed robbery and others.

Packages include Training, Mock Attack + RVA (home and vehicles)​

Contact us for a quote


Corporate Defense Solutions

Training at your business, for you and your employees. 

Our instructors are sent to your business to conduct training at your location. The training will be focused on the following:

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Defense

Workplace Safe Arrival and Departure

Optional: Risk & Vulnerability Assessment (report issued)

Customized modules for your workplace

(from small to large businesses)

Training at Your Business for You and Your Employees + RVA

Contact us for a quote


Red Cross Certifications

First Aid/CPR

Stop the Bleed 

Public Speaking/Seminars

Consultation & Advisement

Invite Mr. Doron Benbenisty to deliver a public speaking event and/or seminar.
Mr. Benbenisty is an expert in countering terrorism and crime defense, with decades of experience from the Israeli Special Forces as well as the Founder and Owner of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School.  A successful entrepreneur and businessman, Mr. Benbenisty has authored several books as well as produced several online video programs regarding countering terrorism and severe crime.  As a revered expert on these topics, he has been featured on multiple media outlets here in Las Vegas and around the country.  Mr. Benbenisty has been featured on Las Vegas new outlets such as Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel 13, Spanish language channels, G4 TV and many others. He has also been featured in several magazines, newspapers and radio shows, both in the US and internationally.

Terrorism and Crime Defense public speaking topics:
1.    Active Shooter Defense
2.    Workplace Violence Defense
3.    Home Protection
4.    Personal Protection
5.    Counter Robbery
6.    Counter Kidnapping and Carjacking

Customized modules for your workplace


Call or Email for Booking Information

Critical Defense Training

For More Information, or to Reserve a Course or Event

Call:  702-222-3489


Why Choose CRI?

Expert Instructors:  Certified Counter Terrorism Instructors 

Practical Knowledge:  Apply real-world defense strategies 

Certification:  Receive a recognized certification upon completion 

Safety First: A safe and supportive learning environment 

Secure Your Spot Today & Step Into a Safer Tomorrow!

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