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Course Overview

 While travelling in dangerous areas in the United States, or overseas, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, it is not always wise to solely rely on outsourced security for safety and protection against terrorism.  We have designed this course for those that want to put their safety in their own hands.  This course is fast paced and 90% hands-on.  This is also an excellent course for those wishing to protect themselves and their family members, during these uncertain economic times. 

Trainees must provide their own handgun and ammunition.  CRI can provide a rental handgun and ammunition, for an additional charge.  

Below is a list of primary learning objectives.  For a complete course syllabus, contact us for more information. 

3 Days

Course Length

Learning Objectives

  • Israeli Tactical Point Shooting

  • Shooting While Falling Back

  • Shooting While in Motion 

  • Shoot/Don't Shoot Exercises

  • Force on Force Shooting

  • Weapons Disarmament and Retention

  • Advanced Hand to Hand Combatives

  • Dealing with IED's and Booby Traps

  • Counter Kidnapping Tactics

  • Surviving Execution Attempts

  • Driving While Handcuffed

  • Knife Throwing and Fighting 

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