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Counter Suicide Bomber & Car Bomb Course

CRI offers the most complete and effective counter suicide bombing and car bomb training that relies on combat experience from Israel.  We offer an extensive training course that covers intelligence, intervention and deterrence, which includes realistic exercises.  CRI's instructors have created and offered this type of training in Israel since 1996 to transportation companies, police and the armed forces.  This type of training is offered only to members of allied countries of the U.S. and Israel. This course is a fully tactical course that covers suicide bombers, car bombs, booby trapped vehicles and IED's 360 degrees.This course is offered only to members of allied countries of the U.S. and Israel.

The course is broken down into FIVE primary learning modules:

1.  Mindset of the Bombers
2. Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs & IED's
3. Suicide Bomber Suspect Interception
4. Terrorist Vehicle Interception

5.  Using Drones to Support Suicide Bomber & Car Bomb Operations 

Duration:  5 Days


1. Mindset of the Bombers:
Profile of the suicide bomber
Methods of identifying and detecting a suicide bomber(s) and car bombs in progress
Risk analysis of possible terrorist targets (police, military and civilian)
Detecting terrorist groups that collect information for terrorist attacks
Detecting and stopping a suicide bomber suspect moving towards a vehicle or facility
Sensitive facilities security deployment for car bomb and suicide bomber
Dealing with hostage situations that involve explosive devices and suicide bombers
Bus assault while bus is occupied with suicide bombers and/or terrorists
High risk terrorist arrest & suspect traffic stops
Securing high-value targets against suicide bomber(s) and/or car bomb(s)
Surviving terrorist assassination attempts with/without explosives 

2. Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs & IED's:

IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) construction and recognition
Understanding the mechanisms of the suicide bomber's device
Various methods of scanning a vehicle for booby trap explosives
Detecting booby traps on the roadways
Use of dogs and other animals as explosive delivery tools
Recognizing booby traps against police or military
Explosives & letter bombs basics
Terrorist use of unconventional explosives
Safely disarming a suicide bomber
Israeli method of tripwire detection
Body search techniques
Dealing with suicide bombers
Booby trapping a vehicle, firearm or other weapon
Armoring a vehicle

3. Suicide Bomber Suspect Interception

Interception by foot

Interception from parked vehicle

Interception from moving motorcycle

Using deception to intercept suicide bomber 

Using a drone to intercept, or as an aid

4. Terrorist Vehicle Interception:

Operating a high risk check point 

Using tactical roadblocks against terrorist vehicles       

Stopping a terrorist vehicle at designated spot

Tactical movement toward possible VBIED

Using drone when dealing with terrorist vehicles

Federal Agencies/Military units/Law Enforcement 
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CRI Counter Terrorism Training School can also custom tailor a program to suit your business, department, unit, group, or personal needs. To find out more about scheduling this program or customizing one, please submit the form below or call 702-222-3489. 

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