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Advanced Tactical Driving 

1 Day

Course Overview

This course includes all subject matter from the Tactical Driving Course on the first day, with the  second day of training ramping up by introducing students to vehicle dynamics, maneuverability, coordinating motorcade operations, ramming, protecting against attacks on a motorcade, and vehicle deployment.  This is a full-contact driving course.  

Learning Objectives

18 Instructional Hours 


100% hands-on

  • Situational exercises simulating vehicular attacks

  • Correct escaping maneuvers 

  • Counter roadblocks and illegal checkpoints 

  • Driving under fire

  • Emergency procedures 

  • Correct functioning while in pursuit or being pursued 

  • Vehicle selection and modification

  • Ramming vehicles and obstacles

  • Pushing vehicles and obstacles with a vehicle

  • Tactical ramming

  • Crashing into other vehicles blocking evacuation routes (forward and reverse ramming)

  • Ramming other vehicles under fire and safely evacuating into another vehicle

  • Contact exercises in preventing the vehicle from being run off road or stopped  

  • High risk maneuvers

  • Tire change under combat conditions 

  • Final integrated drills


Driving and shooting
cracked windshield

Law Enforcement, Military, Security Officers, and Authorized Civilian Personnel. 

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