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MILITARY & Law Enforcement COURSES

Summary:  CRI is the first and only school in the world that offers the most complete and effective counter-suicide bombing and car bomb training that relies on combat experience from Israel.  We offer an extensive training course that covers intelligence, intervention and deterrence, which includes realistic exercises.  CRI's instructors have created and offered this type of training in Israel since 1996 to transportation companies, police and the armed forces.  This type of training is offered only to members of allied countries of the U.S. and Israel.

90% of major disaster event survivors where saved by ordinary people that just happened to be at the scene before emergency teams arrived.  Thanks to these proactive and clear thinking individuals, lives were saved during very chaotic situations. They possessed enough skills and confidence to act quickly and decisively.

Combative Surveillance  & Counter Surveillance

Summary:  this course is designed for individuals and organizations involved with conducting surveillance. Military personnel, private investigators, and civilian security contractors will learn the Israeli method of surveillance and counter surveillance. This course is 75% hands on accompanied by lectures that focus on the Israeli techniques used in conducting a moving or stationary surveillance. Many of the techniques instructed in this course are used by elite Israeli special forces conducting clandestine operations into hostile enemy territories

Military P.S.D. / Pre-Deployment Training

Course Summary:  This is an intermediate skill level course designed for the armed professional that is engaged in personal protection. This intense course is designed for those serving on corporate executive protection details in high threat international assignments, law enforcement personnel serving on protection details, and individual security contractors conducting high-threat international protective security operations.  Because this is a condensed version of our larger Bodyguard course, this is fast paced with long hours, up to 10-12 hour days. Course Length: 8 days

Israeli Tactical Shooting

Summary:  The Israeli shooting technique was developed as a direct result of terrorism and crime. It is a method of shooting that has been used successfully by the Israeli Special Forces and Israeli law enforcement agencies for many years.  We also combine American and European styles, which in combination insure shooter high performance in real life threat situations.  The style of shooting will be determined during negotiations and according to a certain or specific list of demands.  Glock 17 and AR-15.

Escaping from Captivity

Summary:  Surviving execution, beheading and other assassination attempts.  The Only Course of its kind offered in the world. Currently, this course is the only source for training in the fields of surviving execution attempts and escaping from captivity. Since the beginning of the War on Terror, and before, many people have lost their lives while in captivity in very cruel ways. Still, others are at great risk. Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Personnel, overseas contractors, executives, psd operators, diplomatic service personnel and civilians can greatly benefit from this course.

Israeli Tactical Driving

Summary:  These courses teach you the Professional driving skills used by Secret Service, Special Forces, Police and Bodyguards.  This course is hands-on and designed to educate, coach, and evaluate the driver in Israeli Tactical Driving techniques. Our goal is to bring each student to a highly proficient skill level in vehicle control and specializes in driving in high-risk areas of the world. The single days course introduces you to performing dynamic J-turns, L-turns, U-turns, and slalom.  The two day course steps it up, introducing participants to vehicle dynamics, maneuverability, coordinating motorcade operations, ramming, protecting against attacks on a motorcade and vehicle deployment.

Israeli Close Quarter Battle

Summary:  How many more soldiers must continue to die as the first and second members of an entry team by getting shot or activating a booby trap or IED?  Currently, most CQB and urban warfare training is done by companies that teach the same unsafe method of entry.  During training, military and Special Forces trainees thank us for finally being able to learn something new and effective and not the same method that could teach just as easily teach themselves.  To date, we have trained several military Special Forces groups currently working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and other parts of the world.  These groups have fully adopted the Israeli CQB and Urban Warfare methodology that we have instructed them.

Counter Kidnapping, Anti-Kidnapping,
Carjacking & Abduction

Summary: This course will teach you how to survive a kidnapping, carjacking, hijacking and other abduction attempts. This is the only training course in the world that can help prepare you to survive a kidnapping or abduction situation. In this course, the trainees will be exposed to sophisticated kidnapping techniques that are being used by criminal and terrorist organizations all over the world. Who needs this course? Soldiers in high-risk zones, police officers, government special agents, populations that live in high-risk zones, journalists, wealthy or famous people, entertainers, business people, humanitarian workers, travelers, pilots and flight crew, ship crew, professional drivers, civilians and others.

Advanced Bodyguard/
Personal Security Detail (ABG/PSD)/

Our Advanced Bodyguard/Private Security Detail (ABG/PSD) course offers training that surpasses the current demands of employers. The certificate you receive upon completion of this course will indicate that you have exceeded standards as a protection professional.

This course is designed to meet the real-world demand for executive security both domestically and internationally. This comprehensive course covers the most vital concepts in low and high-risk protective operations. The U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) standards were utilized as benchmarks in the development of this course.

Counter Terrorism Instructor (CTI)

Due to the expanding number of critical incidents happening around the world, the need for counter terrorism experts has grown substantially. The Counter Terrorism Instructor Course is CRI's most comprehensive, complex, and informative course of instruction.  Upon completion of the CTI Course, students will be able to instruct the methodology and skills necessary to conduct training in multiple theaters around the world as Counter Terrorism Instructors.

Krav Haganah Instructor (KHI)

This program of study equips students with the knowledge to be able to teach this method of defensive tactics, as well as providing them with the tools necessary to be able to leave CRI Counter Terrorism Training School and start his/her own martial arts business. Candidates for this program should have a minimum of one year of martial arts experience and express a passion to instruct others. Previous instructional experience is not necessary as it will be extensively covered throughout the Krav Haganah Instructor course


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