Gunfight Survival Course


Course Overview

In many severe criminal encounters, knives, handguns and rifles are often involved.  Regardless if you are carrying your own handgun for protection or stumble upon a handgun during a fight, it is extremely important to know how to function in order to survive a violent deadly force encounter. Today, it’s just not enough to have a concealed carry license. It is important to know how to function under fire and a under deadly force attack.

To date, four of our former trainees have already survived a deadly force shooting encounter. They all credit their survival to the superior training that they received at CRI.

This course is 90% hands-on.

Learning Objectives

2 Days

  • Force on force shooting drills

  • Force on force knife attacks drills

  • Split-second decision-making

  • Shooting while being injured

  • Shooting while being disoriented

  • Disadvantage handgun draws

  • Functioning under an overwhelming situation

  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot drills

  • Lowlight drills