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    Advanced Bodyguard

    PSD Operator Course

    This course is designed to meet the real-world demand for executive security both domestically and internationally. This comprehensive course covers the vital concepts in low and high-risk protective operations.

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    Krav Haganah

    Instructor Course

    This program of study equips students with the knowledge to be able to teach this method of defensive tactics, as well as providing them with the tools necessary to be able to leave CRI Counter Terrorism Training School and start his/her own martial arts business.

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    Executive Protection

    Operator Course

    Executive protection, also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

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    Counter Terrorism

    Instructor Course

    This course is the most comprehensive, complex, and informative course of instruction at CRI.  Upon completion of the CTI Course, students will be able to instruct the methodology and skills necessary to conduct training in multiple theaters around the world as Counter Terrorism Instructors.

                                    TBA 2021

                                           TBA 2021


TBA 2021

                              TBA 2021

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    TBA 2021

    Professional Drone Pilot


    This course is for People wanting to pilot a UAV as a professional and/or running their own drone & UAV services. Our course covers from basics to advanced of what it means and what you need to know to become a commercially certified drone pilot in the U.S. and test prep for the FAA Part 107.  

  • TBA 2021

    Anti Terrorism

    For High Risk Zones

    While working overseas, especially in the Middle East, Bosnia, Africa and Latin America, it is not always wise to solely rely on outsourced security for safety and protection against terrorism.  We have designed this course for contractors who want to put their safety in their own hands.  

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    Scheduled per Department Request

    Courses for Law Enforcement

    In the past few years there has been a significant rise on attacks against Law Enforcement Officers working in several capacities. Criminals are not only targeting regular patrol Officers, they are attacking plain clothed Detectives, and SWAT Officers in any rank. CRI’s response to this is training that basic law enforcement academies unable to instruct with the limited time provided to each recruit. CRI is POST Approved in the State of Nevada for several programs. 

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