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 While travelling in dangerous areas in the United States, or overseas, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, it is not always wise to solely rely on outsourced security for safety and protection against terrorism.  We have designed this course for those that want to put their safety in their own hands.  This course is fast paced and very hands-on.  This is also an excellent course for those wishing to protect themselves and their family members, during these uncertain economic times. 

This comprehensive series of one day SHTF courses is designed to prepare YOU for the worst case scenario.  Violent crime is on the increase and you must be prepared.  Become a hard target before Sh*t Hits The Fan!

Victor or Victim... It’s entirely up to you.

This isn’t your typical self defense class that can take months or even years to master.  This camp is taught by the same instructors that teach military and bodyguards to protect themselves and others. ​

They will come in like lambs, but leave as lions!

As the world’s security deteriorates, criminals are becoming even more brazen.  Kidnapping and carjacking events are on the rise since they are the easiest for criminals to accomplish. In addition, human trafficking activities are at the highest point in recent history.  It is vital that you be able to protect yourself against these activities, as well as be able to educate those you love.  No matter what your skill level, or size, YOU CAN defend yourself.

In many severe criminal encounters, knives, handguns and rifles are often involved.  Regardless if you are carrying your own handgun for protection or stumble upon a handgun during a fight, it is extremely important to know how to function in order to survive a violent deadly force encounter. Today, it’s just not enough to have a concealed carry license. It is important to know how to function under fire and a under deadly force attack.

Attacks around the vehicle are some of the most dangerous that anyone can find themselves in.  Many times, they come out of nowhere and escalate quickly.  Road rage, mob attacks, riots, carjacking and other attacks of opportunity can put you and those that you love at great risk. We at CRI have developed this special course to prepare you for these types of attacks.

Online, Hands-On, Seminars & RVAs

Online, At Our Location and In Your Own Home

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