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This program of study will equip the student to teach the this method of defensive tactics, as well as give them with the tools for starting a successful martial arts business.


Students successfully completing this program of study will be ready to teach courses in Krav Haganah as an instructor for their own company or as an instructor for other entities. Perspective job opportunities may include law enforcement defensive tactics instructors, military or security defensive tactics instructors and civilian schools.


Candidates for this program should be self-motivated entrepreneurs and should have a passion for teaching others.

Course Overview

Learning Objectives

90% Hands On

10% Classroom

136 Instructional Hours

  • Introduction to the Krav Haganah Instructor Program

  • Releases / Defense Against Grabs & Holds 

  • Counter-Strangulation 

  • Defense Against Knives, Edged, & Improvised Weapons

  • Strikes (Strikes, Blocks, & Kicks) 

  • Ground Defense

  • Weapon Disarmament

  • Weapon Retention

  • Tactical Simulated Shooting

  • Business Development 

  • Teaching Methodology 

  • Additional Routines

  • Krav Haganah Ground Combatives Program


Open to all with at least one year of previous martial arts experience. Previous instructional experience is not necessary, as it will be extensively covered throughout this course. 

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