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Terrorism Attack Defense

Online Hebrew Language Program 

Urgently Requesting Immediate Financial Help to Save Lives in Israel & Around the World

This essential life-saving course shows the average Israeli how to effectively defend themselves against terrorist attacks and other forms of violence – all absolutely essential things following Hamas’ horrifically barbaric October 7, 2023, attack upon innocent Israeli men, women, kids and babies that involved totally morally outrageous crimes against humanity.

This online course includes the following modules :

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  • Defense Against Knife and Edged Weapon Attacks

  • Defense Against Vehicle Attacks

  • Surviving Execution Attempts

  • Handgun and Assault Rifle Disarmament

  • Improvised Weapon Defense

  • Personal Protection for Police Officers, Security Guards,
    and Soldiers

  • Counter Kidnapping and much, much more…

Your generous financial support for this urgently needed humanitarian project will enable us to quickly share our totally unique and extremely effective video security training program with millions of Israelis and Israeli security force members (living in Israel or abroad) at the emergency price of $5 each (normally a $100 value) OR at no cost to those persons who cannot afford it. By carrying out such a massive low cost or free distribution worldwide, countless Israelis can be spared from kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder – including beheadings and being burned alive – by terrorists or criminals.

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