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Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Are you concerned about an act of violence occurring at your organization?

Do you think that you, or your employees, would be ready for this type of event?

With workplace violence and active shooter incidents being reported in the news more than ever, many in the US feel a lack of personal security and safety.  Not being prepared to act can lead to deadly consequences.  While teachers and students are afraid that an active shooter event can happen anytime, business owners and employees are also just as concerned.

In today’s world, sometimes spouses aren’t sure that they will come home unharmed to the ones that love. Workers and upper management want to get back to the people they love and care for, as well. No one should leave their safety to chance, especially when there are so many ways to avoid or repel an event entirely.  


Our CRI Ready system is a 360° solution that mitigates all forms of violence at your organization, by covering the following elements:


1.    Workplace Violence Defense (hands-on training)
2.    Access to our online training video program for active shooter defense
3.    Risk and Vulnerability assessments for your organization (RVA)
4.    Drills and RVA implementation

After organization members participate in our program, they will:
●    Feel and be more protected.
●    Feel more appreciated by the business owners and management knowing that they care about their safety. 
●    Be able to better protect themselves against armed and unarmed attackers as well as other acts of violence.
●    Be able to better protect and repel sexual attacks, road rage, armed robberies, and home invasions.


Call 702-222-3489 or email us at for more information or to book a course. 

Handgun disarming

Public Speaking Engagements 


Doron Benbenisty (Public Speaker)

● Workplace Violence Prevention
● High Risk Business Protection
● Active Shooter Defense
● Counter Robbery
● Domestic Terrorism Prevention
● Counter Kidnapping
● Sexual Assault Prevention
● Home Invasion Defense
● Protection for Businesses in High Risk Areas
● Counter Suicide Bomber & Car Bomb

Call 702-222-3489 or email us at for more information or to book Doron for a speaking event. 

Doron Benbenisty
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