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OROT Project
Rescue Team Training

Creating Life Saving First Response Units

90% of major disaster event survivors where saved by ordinary people that just happened to be at the scene before emergency teams arrived.  Thanks to these proactive and clear thinking individuals, lives were saved during very chaotic situations. They possessed enough skills and confidence to act quickly and decisively.

Mission Concept

It is our mission is to create and equip semi-professional first responder teams with solid, practical tools aimed at saving lives and minimizing casualties during a catastrophic event or crisis.



  • These Communal First Responder teams will acquire the basic skills of:

    • Search and rescue

    • Crisis management

    • Emotional and physical first aid

All based on the IDF vast knowledge and experience.

  • The Communal First Responder teams will:

  •  provide the initial response and take control over the event, with the goal of saving lives and stabilizing the situation until the

  •  arrival of professional first responders.

  •  learn how to collect critical information and deliver it to the FD commander as it arrives.

  •  be able to join and assist the professional teams on sight.

  •  increase the community’s sense of confidence and, with that, a larger sense of worth of its individuals.

  •  will increase the community’s sense of safety.

Col. Akiva

Ophir Akiva, IDF Lt. Colonel in the Homefront Unit. He is an expert in Search & Rescue as well

as Crisis Management.  Lt. Col. Akiva has a vast amount of experience and has devoted his

career to the spread of live-saving knowledge.  He has made it his mission to saving lives by

being proactive and well prepared in times of crisis.

The Training:

The program consists of a series of theoretical and practical sessions, which combine knowledge, drills, and necessary certification for the attendees.

Rescue Training - Level 1

Basic Program Structure – 3 Day Seminar


Session 1 – Introduction

  • Program Review

  • Presentation of the staff

  • Mission definition

  • ODT drills through exercises and challenging tasks


Session 2 - Search and Rescue + Fire Fighting

  • Review various emergency scenarios (earthquakes, missile strikes, etc.)

  • Actions that save lives: learning to prevent fire outbreaks using extinguishers

  • Assisting forces during an event

  • The practice of basic elements


Session 3 - First Aid

  • Basic CPR

  • Treatment of injuries

  • Practical exercises with participants


Session 4 – Psychological First Aid

  • Basic guidelines of PFA

  • Intervention Models

  • Scenarios and triage

  • Hands on, practical experience


Session 5 – Communication Skills

  • Communication during crisis

  • Dealing with resistance


Session 6- Civilian Aid (Policing and Combat)

  • Public security and police work

  • Krav Maga – basic knowledge of how to defend and handle violence

  • Integration of practice area with local law enforcement units

  • The use of civilian intelligence


Session 7 – Emergency Drill

  • Overcoming various scenarios that the team might face

  • Crowd control in stressful situations

  • Effective crisis management - practice scenarios


Session 8 – Team Dynamics and Protocols

  • Self-care

  • Team check-ins

  • Shared reality and secondhand dramatization



The cost of the program is $20,000 USD per team (up to 20 participants)

$900 USD per each additional person (maximum 30 participants)


Cost includes: instructors, insurance, training gear, uniforms and other necessities.

Travel and accommodation of trainers is not included in the price, as it is calculated according to host training location.

Individuals that attend do not need to be from the same organic group. 


In-Depth Training

This program is also offered in a 12 session format, over 5 days, for a more in-depth and professional training.







Together we can make the world a safer place 


For more information, or to schedule a training course, call or email us.


Israeli rescue team after the building collapse in Miami.

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