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Course Overview

Students successfully completing this program of study will be equipped to teach courses in counter terrorism in various topics, such as tactical shooting and driving, bus assault, hostage rescue, VIP/Executive protection formations, convoy operations and more.


Candidates for this program should be self-motivated entrepreneurs types with a passion for teaching others. Successful graduates are qualified to go on to advance their careers as certified Counter Terrorism instructors for law enforcement, security companies or  the military. They will also have options to work as Special Skills and Tactics Instructors for private corporations, law enforcement or military. 

Learning Objectives

188 Instructional Hours 


70% hands-on

30% classroom


  • Teaching Methodology

  • SERE

  • Tactical Medicine

  • Protective Security Formations

  • Arrivals and Departures

  • VIP Protective Techniques

  • Tactical Shooting, Pistol & Rifle

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Radio Procedures

  • Surveillance/ Counter-Surveillance

  • Counter-Ambush Techniques


  • Anti-Active Shooter

  • Kidnapped VIP Rescue/Recovery

  • Tactical Driving

  • Convoy Operations

  • Aquatic Risk Mitigation

  • Sniper Counter Sniper Tactics

  • Improvised Explosive

  • Devices/Suicide Bombers

  • Terrorism

  • Tactical Rappelling


Candidates must have previous instructional experience to participate in this program. Students should be familiar with firearms safety before attending this program. 

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