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Providing professional training to thousands of military, law enforcement, executive protection/bodyguards and civilians since 2000.


Since 2000, CRI has provided training to thousands of military, law enforcement, executive protection/bodyguards and civilians.  Our mission has always been to equip our trainees, regardless if they are Special Forces, intelligence agents, law enforcement or civilians, with the best training in order for them to survive the unthinkable. 


In 2015, CRI also became a certified Vocational School by the Commission on Postsecondary Education with the intent to provide the best training for those currently in the security field, or those wishing to make a career change.  The world is not getting any safer, and we expect this career path to only increase in scope and compensation.

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USAF PJ Training

Since 2000, CRI has trained active military units and Special Forces, both in the US and internationally. Our unique and superior training has resulted in a 99.5% survivability rate for our trainees.


Comprehensive training specifically designed for law enforcement, including tactical drone, high-risk armed conflict survival, survival skills during a gun flight, many are POST approved.

Personal Protection Training

This highly comprehensive course sharpens the skills of the current professional, as well as prepares those in security for better paying executive protection and bodyguard jobs.


Our we offer training in Home Invasion Defense, Counter Carjacking & Vehicle Defense, Firearms Training, Escaping from Captivity, etc.  Courses are taught by the same instructors that instruct our Special Forces, SWAT and police and bodyguards.


  • Proven Experience from the Israeli Special Forces

  • 23 Years of Training Experience

  • Constantly Evolving Real World Training 

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Let Us Help Support Your Mission

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