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Tactical Driving Course

1 Day

Course Overview

This course teaches you the Professional driving skills used by Secret Service, Special Forces, Police, and Bodyguards.

This course is hands-on and designed to educate, coach, and evaluate the driver in Israeli Tactical Driving Techniques.

CRI's goal is to bring each student to a highly proficient skill level in vehicle control in order to handle driving in high-risk areas of the world. This one-day course introduces students to performing dynamic J-turns, L-Turns, U-Turns, as well

as slalom. ​Dead man take over and stress driving exercises are covered using devices to simulate being stabbed or shot.

Learning Objectives

9 Instructional Hours 


100% hands-on

  • Professional driving skills used by Secret Service and bodyguards 

  • Braking techniques and skid control maneuvers

  • Handling multiple vehicles attempting to force the vehicle off road

  • Understanding over/under steering a vehicle 

  • Dynamics of avoiding obstacles and ambushes

  • Emergency braking and turns

  • Barricade breeching

  • Evasive and Protective Driving Tactics & Exercises

  • Motorcade, Vehicle Escort and Roadblocks

  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance

  • Counter Ambush Techniques

  • Taking control of the vehicle after the driver has been immobilized

  • Split-second decision making drills 

  • Driving under fire

  • Handling the vehicle in an obstacle course

  • High risk maneuvers

  • Final integrated drills


Law Enforcement, Military, Security Officers, and Authorized Civilian Personnel. 

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