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Tactical Drone Pilot Course for
Executive & Dignitary Protection, 
Bodyguard and PSD Operators

Course Overview

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School is revolutionizing the high level security operations field with the first of its kind Tactical Drone Pilot Course for Bodyguards, Executive Protection, PSD and Dignitary Protection.

We are grateful that we have the honor to be the first organization in the world to incorporate drones, UAVs into the high level security field. This course was created by Mr. Doron Benbenisty, CRI CEO and Founder, who also created CRI's Tactical Drone Academy. 


This particular course is one-of-a-kind for many reasons, such as:

  • It is suitable for civilians, as well as law enforcement, federal agents and military

  • It covers original, never before applied, techniques on how to conduct protection operations drone and UAV technologies


This course is "the Bible" on how to use drones and UAVs during protection operations.

These techniques, tactics and procedures will potentially save many lives along with mitigating many risks to both clients and security agents alike.

Learning Modules

 Instructional Hours: 40

  • Practical quadcopter flight and maneuvers skill development

  • Practical fixed wing UAV flight and maneuvers skill development

  • Tactical drone pilot protection components and their usage

  • Tactical drone operations - student project task

  • Tactical drone flight regarding protection operation drills and exercises

  • Test and evaluation


Upon successful graduation, each student will receive a free mini drone so he or she can continue to practice and enhance their skills after the course.

In addition, students that successfully complete this course will receive a significant discount towards our highly rewarding Professional Drone Pilot program.

2023 Dates:



Clean criminal background. No previous flight experience is necessary.

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