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Seminars & RVAs

Active Shooter or Workplace Violence Defense Public Speaking Events or RVAs

Are you concerned about an act of violence, or potential active shooter attacks, occurring at your school or workplace?

In schools and universities, active shooter and other acts of violence are ever increasing.  Although tremendous effort has been exerted by schools to stop this from happening, students and faculty are being injured or even killed.

We at CRI school could not stand by after seeing these events unfold. There is a way to mitigate these horrible instances and to stop future occurrences to end the grief of future parents losing their children or families losing faculty members.

No one likes to think about horrible occurrences such as school violence or active shooters, so we tend to repress the issue in our minds and our hearts. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. Suppression and denial of these types of events, and the feelings of ‘it can never happen at my school’ are all an excuse not to act. Unfortunately, all of the places where violent attacks have happened, this has been the same attitude and thought process.



No parent need to be afraid when sending their child to school and no teacher should be afraid that they may be the next victim. This is a terrible reality, but we should not be forced to accept it. We at CRI are parents and educators who also share the same concerns.  Finally, after a very successful beta test, we are launching the CRI Ready Method for Active Shooter Defense in order to end these violent attacks, one family or school at a time. 

Following is what our public speaking and RVA package offers: 

1.    Schedule Doron to speak to your employees, associates or school faculty 
2.   Risk and vulnerabilities assessment [RVA]
3.   All business owners, employees or faculty will receive our online video programs that teach how to defend against

      violence and active shooter attacks.
4.   Optional: hands on training for business owners and employs or faculty
5.   Optional for schools: hands on training for students depending on age and maturity level


No one should leave their safety to chance, especially when there are so many ways to avoid or even repel an event entirely. Our CRI Ready system is a 360° solution will prepare faculty and students to alleviate violence at their schools.


Take action!   Be proactive and adopt the CRI Ready System, today!  Contact us and reserve the CRI Ready system for your school and receive a free consultation. 

Call 702-222-3489 or email us at cri@critraining.com for more information or to book a course. 

D. Benbenisty in the Media
Doron Benbenisty

Public Speaking Engagements 


Doron Benbenisty (Public Speaker)

● Workplace Violence Prevention
● High Risk Business Protection
● Active Shooter Defense
● Counter Robbery
● Domestic Terrorism Prevention
● Counter Kidnapping
● Sexual Assault Prevention
● Home Invasion Defense
● Protection for Businesses in High Risk Areas
● Counter Suicide Bomber & Car Bomb

Call 702-222-3489 or email us at cri@critraining.com for more information or to book Doron for a speaking event. 

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