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Doron Benbenisty

Doron Benbenisty is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, serving in their Special Forces before relocating to the United 

States and starting CRI in 2000.  While in the IDF, Mr. Benbenisty served as a Counter Terrorism Instructor as well as being part of the Mista'arvim Unit.  Doron also created the first ever Counter Suicide Bomber and Car Bomb program while serving in the IDF. This program is currently in use in Israel today as a counter measure to suicide bombing.   Given his extensive background in counter terrorism, he decided to create CRI to offer his knowledge to thousands from all branches of the military, including Special Forces, as well as several government agencies in countering terrorism, drug interdiction, shooting, tactical driving, counter IED's (improvised explosive devises), counter sniper and much more.  He has also instructed this training to law enforcement (including SWAT and SRT units), executive protection agents and bodyguards, security, and civilians. 


In addition to being an excellent tactical instructor, Doron is also an Aviation Engineer, having obtained a degree from the Israeli Air Force Academy.  He is responsible for the creation and development of our tactical and aviation programs and is Part 107 certified as a Small Unmanned Aircraft System pilot.  

Doron has also authored several books such as, Tactical Drone Pilot, Professional Drone Pilot, How to Defeat a Bully, Dealing with Difficult People, Home Invasion Survival and Deter, Detect, Defend: The 3D Approach to Workplace Violence.  In addition, he has also created several video training programs:  Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, Terrorism and Attack Defense, Home & Business Owner Protection, Krav Haganah Defensive Tactics and Tactical Folding Knife.


96th Civil Affairs Battalion 2005

New Orleans SWAT 2005

With MMA Legend Stephan Bonnar

2005 Professional Bodyguard Course

Doron and USMC 2009

USMC 2009

Singapore  Article

Singapore STAR Unit 2004

"We have one goal – to save lives in any situation, anywhere"

Doron Benbenisty
Founder, C.R.I. School

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