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LE Tactical Shooting Course

P.O.S.T. Certified


5 Days / 40 Hours


Minimum number of students: 10


Max: 20

This 5 day, 40-hour, advanced course builds on tactics that go beyond the standard firing range practices. The officer will be challenged with advanced real-world tactics used by specialized units.



Course Outline

  • Introduction to advanced room clearing techniques

  • Tactical Israeli Point Shooting

  • Basic & Advanced CQB

  • Basics of stealth and dynamic entries

  • Clearing in limited visibility

  • Clearing under stress

  • Tactical planning, tactics and situational awareness

  • Single level building techniques

  • Multi-level techniques, stairs and multiple entries

  • Urban village, multi-building situations 

  • Team member rescue during kidnapping in progress


  • Correct handling of enemy bodies 

  • Dealing with booby traps in the building

  • Tripwire, step line devices detection 

  • Tactical use of flashlight and laser in buildings 

  • Silent communications (covert/overt approach)

  • Tactical handcuffing techniques

  • Stealth tactics and camouflage

  • Method of dealing with hostile dogs

  • Distraction techniques 

  • High emotional, mental pressure and tension exercises

  • Team work with limited communication


  To attend you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Current Certified Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Reserve Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Military (all branches) Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve Component serving in their branches MOS for Military Police Officers


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