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CTO Course

Course Overview

This program will give the student the skill set to make them an effective Counter Terrorism Operator. This program's intent is to give the student confidence in themselves by mastering various scenarios such as bus assault, close quarter combat, hand to hand combat, live fire shooting, IED recognition and evasion, tactical driving, high risk stops, and aerial gunnery allowing them to be successful in this profession. Successful graduates from this program will be prepared to serve in international hostile environments and war zones as government and non-government contractors. Job titles include, but are not limited to, Security Supervisor, Counter Threat Assessor and Team Lead for a Security Team.

Learning Objectives

209 Instructional Hours 


70% hands-on

30% classroom

  • Introduction and Safety to Basic Counter Terrorism Operator Program

  • SERE (Survival Execution, Recon, Escape)

  • Tactical Medicine

  • Tactical Israeli Shooting and Force on Force

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance

  • Improvised Explosive Devices/Suicide Bombers

  • Counter-Ambush

  • Hostage Rescue And Israeli CQB

  • High Risk Traffic Stops

  • Tactical Rappelling

  • Tactical Driving: Evasive & Defensive

  • Active Shooter Defense

  • Radio Procedures

  • Sniper Counter Sniper Tactics

  • Bus Assault

  • Aerial Gunnery


Student must have at least three year of military, law enforcement and/or security experience prior to enrollment. Previous international deployment is suggested.

Course Dates


Course Fee


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