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Certified Penetration Testing Professional


Program Outline:

Module 1  Intro to Penetration Testing & Methodologies

Module 2 Penetration Testing Scoping & Engagement

Module 3 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Module 4 Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Module 5 Network Penetration Testing – External

Module 6 Network Penetration Testing – Internal

Module 7 Network Penetration Testing - Perimeter Devices 

Module 8 Web Application Penetration Testing 

Module 9 Wireless Penetration Testing

Module 10  IoT Penetration Testing

Module 11   OT and SCADA Penetration Testing

Module 12  Cloud Penetration Testing

Module 13  Binary Analysis and Exploitation

Module 14  Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

With CPENT, Learn the Next-Generation Techniques and 
Methodologies for Handling Real-World Threat Situations
The following are 12 reasons that make the CPENT Program one of a kind. This exceptional course can make you one of the most advanced Penetration Testers in the world. 

The course has one purpose: To help you overcome some of the most advanced obstacles that real-world practitioners face when conducting Penetration tests. 
Here are some examples of the challenges you will face when you are exposed to the CPENT Range:


  • Advanced Windows Attacks 

  • Attacking Iot Systems

  • Writing Exploits: Advanced Binaries Exploitation

  • Bypassing A Filtered Network

  • Pentesting Operational Technology (Ot)

  • Access Hidden Networks with Pivoting

  • Double Pivoting

  • Privilege Escalation

  • Evading Defense Mechanisms 

  • Attack Automation with Scripts

  • Build Your Armory: Weaponize Your Exploits

  • Write Professional Reports

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