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Start training with programming proven to make you a harder target, regardless

of your current ability level.

Our program covers Active Shooter Defense and so much more! 

Vehicle Attack Defense

Knife & Firearm Disarmament 

Disabling Weapon Mechanisms 

Workplace Violence

You'll also receive a certificate upon completion!

Our Active Shooter Defense Program, plus some great free bonuses, is now available for

only $49.95! 

This program is normally $160 but we've reduced it temporarily due to the economic situation and the fact that more and more people worried about their safety.
You also have the option to make 3 monthly installment payments of $16.65. 

The government's Run, Hide and Fight policy is very general, and doesn't apply to every situation.  This program prepares you to defend yourself and others in an active shooter situation, no matter if you are armed or unarmed. The program also covers dealing with workplace violence situations, armed robbery, road rage, rape attacks and many other acts of violence - not only active shooter.  
Be proactive and start training with our online program today!

You'll Also Receive These Amazing Free Bonuses (valued at over $130)

  1. Execution Attempt Survival Video (valued at $39.95)

  2. Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Workbook (valued at $29.95)

  3. Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Defense Guidebook (valued at $12.95)

  4. Tactical Folding Knife Video (valued at $27.95)

  5. Bully Defense E-Book (valued at $19.95)

Our full video program features the following:

  • Active Shooter Defense in Public Places

  • Active Shooter Defense in the Classroom 

           (for both Teachers and Students)

  • Vehicle Attack Defense

  • Defense Against an Active Shooter in a Building

  • Armed Shooter and Robbery Defense in an Office

  • Workplace Violence Defense

  • Bar and Restaurant Defense

  • Knife, Handgun and Rifle Disarmament

  • Disabling Weapon Mechanisms

  • Using a Belt for Defense

  • Emergency First-Aid

CRI has provided this type of training since 2000, and developed the online program in 2010.  Recently, we

upgraded this online program to address new active shooter issues facing the world today.  Our subject matter experts

at CRI train law enforcement, SWAT teams, military units and Special Operations, government agencies and civilians.


Doron Benbenisty, the developer of this program, is also the CEO and founder of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School.

Regarded as one of the top counter-terrorism experts in the US, Doron has appeared on almost every major national news

outlet to provide his valuable insights.

Prepare Now! Take action and sign up for our online or hands on training programs now.

We Also Offer On-Site Options


Call, or email, for information and pricing on our hands-on courses and training seminars.

Training can be offered at our location in Las Vegas, or yours - almost anywhere in the world.

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