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CRI Tactical Training Memberships

Limited Time Offer


Hello Former Trainees  and Subscribers!

Once every several years, CRI offers High-Value Training Membership Packages. The following are our high-value packages that we will be offering for a very limited time.

Tier 1

With this package you can attend unlimited courses listed on our calendar, for 30 months. Professional Drone Pilot, Executive Protection and so much more. If it’s listed on the calendar, you can attend it*!

Package Price: $10,000

Valid for 30 months, starting with your first course attendance.

There is a limit of 5 packages, in total, available for purchase. (5 remaining)

Tier 1 Final .png

Tier 2

With this package you will be able to attend one (1) Professional Drone Pilot Course (valued at $5,000) and one (1) Executive Protection Operative Course (valued at $2,500).

Package Price: $4,000

Valid for 24 months, starting with your first course attendance.

There is a limit of 10 packages, in total, available for purchase. (4 remaining)

Tier 2 Final.png

Tier 3

You'll be able to attend any of the following courses: Anti-Terrorism Course for High-Risk Zones, Counter Home Invasion, Counter Robbery, Defensive Tactics Courses, Defense Around a Vehicle, Tactical Driving, and any other one-, two- or three-day course added to our calendar. The package is valid for 12 months. 

Package Price: $2,500

Valid for 12 months, starting with your first course attendance.

There is a limit of 15 packages, in total, available for purchase. SOLD OUT

Tier 3 Final.png

Platinum Package

This is a life-changing experience and opportunity.  This package includes everything in Tier 1 in addition to a rare opportunity to spend two full days with our CEO and Founder, Mr. Doron Benbenisty. Included in this package:

  • 3 Nights Hotel Stay

  • 3 Meals Per Day

You will spend two days with Doron, who is an amazing problem solver, a gifted business entrepreneur, and an adviser in business, entrepreneurship, career, and life. He has inspired and helped many, and now it’s your opportunity.  Doron is also an author of several books, producer of multiple online programs, inventor of several technologies, public speaker, and the creator of all CRI’s Vocational School programs, courses, and technologies. He has appeared on over thirty television programs, multiple radio shows, magazines, and newspapers both in the US and abroad.  


Doron can help with the creation of additional revenue streams, their desired transformation, and add excellent value to individuals and organizations alike. Over the years, he has influenced the lives of many individuals, businessmen, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This is a rare opportunity to spend one-on-one quality time with Doron.

Package fee: $50,000

There is only ONE of these packages available for purchase.


Platinum PACKAGE FINAL .png

*The only course exception is the Tactical Drone Course for Law Enforcement, since we are bound by POST.  You can attend this course if you are law enforcement, security or military - or retired from any of these entities. We also strongly suggest that you attend the course only if you have an FAA Part 107 license.  You can get this by attending the Professional Drone Pilot course first, which is included in the Tier 1 membership. 

For More Information, or to

purchase one of these Exclusive Packages, call or email today.

Call:  702-222-3489

Email:  cri@critraining.com

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