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LE Krav Haganah Practitioner Course

P.O.S.T. Certified

5 Days / 40 Hours

Minimum number of students: 10

Max: 20  

This program of study equips Law Enforcement/Military Police personnel with the knowledge to defend themselves from a attackers more efficiently. This is a practitioner level course of instruction that will add another level of defensive tactics knowledge to the tool box of any officer. Additional emphasis is placed on techniques that could be used off-duty, as well.

Course Outline

  •  Releases / Defense Against Grabs & Holds

  •  Counter-Strangulation

  •  Defense Against Knives, Edged, & Improvised Weapons

  •  Strikes (Strikes, Blocks, & Kicks)

  •  Ground Defense

  •  Weapon Disarmament

  •  Weapon Retention

  •  Tactical Simulated Shooting



                                        To attend you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Current Certified Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Reserve Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Military (all branches) Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve Component serving in their branches MOS for Military Police Officers

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