LE Force on Force Course

P.O.S.T. Certified

3 Days / 24 Hours

Minimum number of students: 10

Max: 20 

This three-day intensive “Officer Survival Force on Force” Course engages students in realistic scenarios designed to enhance the decision-making skills required during a violent encounter. Our focus is building on the foundations learned in the basic academy and enhance the students chance of survival.


As the Officer Survival Creed reads, "The will to survive, to survive the attack, must be uppermost in my mind. For the one who lives through a fight is better off than the one who does not. Therefore, preparation and not paranoia is the key to my survival."


With the growing threats against Officers, this training is imperative. Several Law Enforcement agencies, Military Personnel, and Security professionals have been trained by CRI with multiple success stories. When you leave your home, you and your loved ones know that there is a terrible possibility that you could be harmed or worse. This is a horrific reality that can be effectively prevented with proper training, we at CRI believe that knowledge is power and power equals life.

Course Outline


                                        To attend you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Current Certified Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Reserve Law Enforcement Officers     

  • Current Military (all branches) Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve Component serving in their branches MOS for Military Police Officers

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