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58 Instructional Hours

Course Fee: $3,500.00 

90% Hands On

10% Classroom

Objective: Informs the student about the Krav Haganah martial art discipline. The trainees will learn how to defend themselves, and others, by using various techniques of the method.  These techniques will focus on various street and terrorist attacks, both with single and multiple attackers.   Other topics covered with include protection of various establishments by using hand to hand defensive tactics.  This discipline is very suitable to deal with modern threats that exist today.   

Course Outline

Course Description

Releases/ Defense Against Grabs and Holds


Defense Against Edged Weapons & Knife Throwing

Improvised Weapon Defense

Defense Against Multiple Attackers

Strikes (punches, blocks and kicks)


Ground Defense

Weapon Disarmament

Weapon Retention

Tactical Israeli Simulated Shooting

Additional Routines



Open to Military, Law Enforcement, Security Officers, and Authorized Civilians. 

 Previous previous martial arts experience is not necessary.

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