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This course will give students a thorough understanding of the complexity in working with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Students will begin by learning the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to pass the Part 107 testing that will lead to certification. Testing preparation for the Part 107 will be covered extensively in this program.


Once aerial operations are understood, students will  safely acquire flying skills with use of a simulator as well as with actual flight training. In addition to the physical skills learned, students will be shown the value of a drone pilot in the marketplace and how to represent themselves as a confident and competent commercial UAV pilot.

We use school owed DJI Mavick drone, or equivalent. We also provide the insurance and flight time
for these drone. In all other schools that we researched, the student was required to provide their own
drone, drone insurance and pay for flight time. With us, the student just shows up and uses (and
potentially crashes) our equipment. This is why we need additional drones, per the number of students,
for each class. The students can make the mistakes as they are learning. Once they are done, and have
successfully completed and paid for the program, then they will receive the much more expensive DJI
Insprire 2 Drone (with package), or equivalent, to take home. Below is what we have in our catalog
with regard to why we give them this drone and package.


Successful graduates, of both the program and the Part 107, will have multiple career options, which include working for private or public companies, governmental agencies or as a private contractor. Some job titles include, but are not limited to, sUAS Remote Pilot, Police & Fire Drone Pilot, Surveying and Mapping Drone Pilot, Construction and Real Estate Drone Pilot, Professional Film Making Aerial Photographer. (ref: )

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