2022 Course Calendar

Jan/Feb       Las Vegas, NV Courses
Jan 20-21              
Gunfight Survival
Jan 24-28             Executive Protection Operator 

Jan 31-Feb 2        Anti Terrorism for High Risk Zones
Feb 3-4                   Counter Kidnapping 
Feb 7                        Vehicle Defense
Feb 8-9                   Counter Home Invasion
Feb 11-20               Black Out - Private Training
Feb 21-24              Drone Business

Mar 1-4                    Practical Drone
Mar 7-11                  Tactical Drone Pilot for Executive Protection &                                               Bodyguards 

May 2                       Active Shooter Defense
May 3-4                  Gunfight Survival
May 5                       Counter Home Invasion
May 9-12                 Drone Business
May 16-19               Practical Drone
May 30-Jun 03   Executive Protection Operator

Jun 13-17            Executive Protection Operator

Jul 11-15              Tactical Drone Pilot for Executive Protection &                                            Bodyguards

Aug 1-5                 Executive Protection Operator

Sep 5-7                Anti Terrorism for High Risk Zones
Sep 8                    Counter Home Invasion
Sep 9                    Vehicle Defense

Oct 10-13            Drone Business
Oct 17-20           Practical Drone

Nov 7-11             Executive Protection Operator

State Vocation Rehab and/or EmployNV may pay for some of CRI's courses.  

If you see a course that your group is interested in attending on the calendar, we can tailor make a course based on your specific needs.   Pricing for private courses is based on number of trainees, course duration, location and subjects.