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In today’s environment, where Fortune 100 companies have been severely affected by long-running, wide-ranging cyber-attacks, many organizations have a blind spot when it comes to the cyber risk of the organizations with which they do business, including conducting cyber due diligence prior to mergers and acquisitions. Most companies can only see their own network. Imagine if you could gain insight into external networks and potential threats that could impact your business. CRI cyber division provides proactive services around cyber due diligence to shed light on connections that may put your business at risk. Not only is it imperative to know how resilient your own network and security posture is, but it is essential to assess the full spectrum of your cyber risk exposure by understanding the threats and risks beyond the walls of your business. CRI cyber division together with our strategic partners, provides a service that better prepare you to anticipate and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks, you need to understand attacker motivations, intentions, characteristics, and methods. You can mitigate risk, bolster incident response efforts and enhance your overall security by understanding who is most likely to attack you, what they want, why they want it and how they plan to get it. CRI cyber division Threat Intelligence and counter commercial espionage delivers the insights you need based on deep adversarial intelligence, extensive machine intelligence and detailed victim intelligence.

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