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How long you have been exposed and how much damage has been done? Internal employees account for close to half of the breaches leading to enterprise data loss. Whether disgruntled or dishonest, whether destroying records or stealing intellectual property, it is shockingly easy for insiders to wreak havoc on your most valuable digital assets. Organizations struggle with how to proactively prevent data loss and address the potential for insider threats and negligence before it is too late. CRI Cyber Division conducts insider threat investigations to identify patterns of employee behavior and determine where the breach came from, what damage has been done, what critical data has been exfiltrated, and who is responsible. Our team provides the right level of engagement and works with clients to conduct forensic analysis of computer logs, email traffic, and work processes and procedures. We interview personnel, narrow down suspects, examine motives, and figure out how the breach was carried out. CRI Cyber Division helps businesses establish policies and procedures to train employees, and develop remediation plans ahead of time to address future insider threat incidents.

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