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Certified CRI Krav-Haganah Instructor

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Krav-Haganah System Certified Instructor Program®

If you would like to become a certified CRI Krav-Haganah Instructor, you may be making one of the smartest decisions of your life or career. 

What is the meaning of Krav-Haganah and what is its background ? 

The words Krav-Haganah are Hebrew. "Krav" meaning combat and "Haganah" meaning defense.

The beginning of Krav-Haganah started in Israel while Mr. Doron Benbenisty was serving in the Israeli Special Forces and also instructing counter terrorism training. During testing and evaluation Doron had to fight four military Krav Maga instructors simultaneously. After winning the fight , the instructors approached him and asked him to teach them this exact fighting techniques.

Since then, Doron was highly respected among the Israeli Special Forces. Doron has developed many techniques that do not exist in any other styles and has frequently been asked to name this style. 

Doron gave it the name Krav-Haganah. When Doron came to the United States he thought people would not understand what the name meant, so Doron simply called it "Israeli Tactical Survival" .  After many years of requests from past trainees domestically, internationally and from Israel  itself he agreed to change it to its original name of Krav-Haganah.

By becoming a certified instructor, you can master our system and be able to better protect yourself and your loved ones.  You may also decide to take it a step further by turning it into a career as a martial arts or defensive tactics instructor or even open your own affiliated business.  Part of the Instructor Certification Program is consultation in business management, marketing, website design, purchase of the correct insurance and almost everything that you will need for a turn key business.

The unique and exclusive system, developed by our founder Doron Benbenisty, teaches how to combat various fighting styles such as Kick Boxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and others.  CRI trainees, which include Special Forces, police officers, federal agents, bodyguards and others have all stated that the Krav-Haganah is the best method of defense and fighting that they have ever seen or learned. 

The 10 day instructor Course boot camp includes hotel accommodation, ground transportation, meals and all training gear.

You will not only learn the CRI Krav-Haganah  method, techniques and how to teach them. You will also learn how to create your own training company. We will teach you the following:

How to open a business

How to market your business

How to incorporate products with services

Body language and interviews 

Insurance consideration 

How to enlist trainees 

How to create your own advertisement and multimedia

How to choose a good location 

The do's and don'ts of this type of business

How to create memberships and residual income

How to run books and handle taxes & much more...

You will  also receive a business starter package

And this is not all. We want you to be able to start immediately generating income and open your own service. So we want to give you the basic tools so that you can start once you graduate. The gear package is well thought out as we have designed it so that you can train a group of 20 people at a time.

Here's what you get:


Gear for your  first studio
10 rubber pistols


10 rubber knives


10 martial arts belts (for strangulation training)


5 Air Soft Shotguns


5 pairs of punching pads



10 plastic baseball bats


10 personal stretching mats




Office Package

Laptop PC



MS Office Package 2007


Laptop Bag

Targus TSM09601US BT Messenger Bag


PC Mouse

Kensington Pro Fit USB/PS2 Wired Mid-Size Mouse - Mouse - Wired - PS/2, USB - PC


Art Explosion Publisher Software

Art Explosion Publisher Pro Silver


Printable DVD Media

Microboards Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16X Glossy 300Pk

Printer (able to print directly on DVD's)

Epson Artisan 810 Wireless All-in-One Printer


Certified CRI Krav-Haganah® Instructor

This Boot Camp is the Krav-Haganah® Instructor Certification Program and consists of the following modules:

CRI Krav-Haganah® (Israeli Combat Defense) 


Empty hand defense Rifle and submachine gun disarmament
Ground defense Knife disarmament
Defense against improvised weapons Knife fighting
Defense at home Knife throwing
Defense in the office or work place Defense against strangulation
Handgun disarmament Rape resistance
Armed robbery survival skills Folding Knife Tactics
Business modules  Anti Kidnapping 
Combating other Styles Handling multiple attackers
Fighting inside a vehicle Force on Force training
Simulative Israeli point shooting tactics Kicks and Kick Defense
Hands strikes Conducting class exercises
Conducting stretching routines Conducting cardio drills and exercises

Once you have completed the Certified Instructor Training Course, our relationship is not over, it is just beginning. We will accompany you remotely and physically. We will help advertise you, assist you in starting your business and create corresponding formats to handle clients. From time to time, we will run a training clinic by actual CRI Krav-Haganah Certified Senior Instructors and, in some cases Mr. Doron Benbenisty the founder of the Israeli Tactical Survival training method, will lead these clinics.. 

Together with the training, you will receive the following:

A turn key business package

CRI Complete Defensive Tactics Program mini DVD 

T-shirt (short and long sleeved)

CRI Steel Travel Mug

Mouse Pad

CRI Hat 


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